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Crazy Cook ®


Crazy Cook is a fun and crazy cooking game in VR.

Your goal is to create great recipes…with a twist : the ingredients are crazy !

Slide a chickenosaurus, avoid a killer tomato or pepper spray (literally) a flying pig is part of your job.

Time to slide (or avoid) monsterish ingredients with your kitchen tools to score the top of the charts.

Crazy Cook - Illustration

NFT: Our augmented reality monsters


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Crazy Cook ® is the most fun and crazy cooking game in VR you can play.
Julia Betatest
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Meet Crazy Cook ®, mix of Beat Saber, Fruit Ninja and Cooking Mamma. Very fun to play.
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Best VR game of 2022. Crazy Cook ® is a good reason to buy a VR headset this year.
Antoine Betatest
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Very fun party game to play with the family.
Midlife Game-ist VR
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Fruit Ninja gets a chef's job, now chopping with a purpose !